Scoozi! Sucks

On Saturday, July 09, 2011 at about 5:30pm, I walked 8 blocks from where I live to the Scoozi! Restaurant on Huron St. in Chicago. Upon arriving, I was prevented from entering by a restaurant employee who informed me that “the entire restaurant” was closed for a “private party”.

I had been anticipating dinner at Scoozi! all week long. I had to walk in 95 degree heat to get to Scoozi!, only to be told that the restaurant had no intention of honoring its published hours of operation, but had decided to be extremely RUDE to its regular patrons by shutting down the entire place, not just a room ,but the entire place, for a private party.

Last time I checked, Scoozi! was a restaurant, not a banquet hall.  They publish their hours on their website, on flyers, and on the front of their establishment and many people make plans to eat there well in advance based on those hours.  I wonder how many people ended up getting “dumped” by these inconsiderate jerks.

I hope you guys made a lot of money on that private party, because there are many people that you screwed over tonight who will never come back again. Did you figure that into the cost of this private party? Hope so.

I for one will be hard pressed to come up with a reason why I will EVER, EVER STEP FOOT IN YOUR ESTABLISHMENT AGAIN.  NEVER, EVER MISTREAT YOUR REGULAR CUSTOMERS THAT WAY. If  you want to have a private party, only offer that during off-hours or in a specific section of the restaurant, but never in the entire restaurant.

I think that there may be a City of Chicago ordinance regarding businesses keeping true to their regular hours. As I recall, restaurants and bars with a dining/bar area greater than a certain number of square feet and that publish their hours, may not close down during those hours except in emergencies. This is due to the fact that many people come from  out of town and are counting on places being opened. If a restaurant is allowed to close willy-nilly when it feels like, this will adversely affect the reputation of the entire city.

I intend to find out if the ordinance says this and if so, will file a formal complaint against Scoozi! with the City of Chicago “311” complaint center as well as with my alderman.  If there is a violation of law, I will press this matter as far as I can to make certain that a fine is levied in order to take away as much of Scoozi!’s ill-gotten profit from this private party as possible.

I will also make certain that the management of Scoozi! (both onsite and corporate, which I believe is the Lettuce Entertain You Group) knows about this disrespect for regular customers and the fact that I will need a VERY good reason to ever step foot inside Scoozi! again.

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